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Why Great Wall Tour Is Getting More Popular all over the world?

 2016-11-28 20:40:20

The Great Wall of China is the world'slongest wall and biggest ancient architecture. What is more interesting aboutit is that there have been records of increasing tourism to this ancient andwonderful architecture owing to the fact that more and more tour packages arecoming at budget prices. Beijing tours are incomplete without having a look atthis wall but one would ask- why should I visit this place? Why is the GreatWall of China getting popular all around the world?

1.    The official measured length ofthe wall is around 21,196.18 km (13,170.7 mi)-no doubt this one sounds reallyamazing! It took more than 6 dynasties to build it.

2.    Most of the relics and parts ofthis wall are from the Ming Dynasty.

3.    The great wall has been intoexistence for more than 2300 years and thus, you have no reasons to skip GreatWall tour in Beijing.

4.    The Ming Great walls itselfcrosses 9 provinces- Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Liaoning, Shanxi, Shaanxi,Gansu, Ningxia and Tianjin.

5.    Badaling is the most visitedsection of the wall and on certain days during peak season, the visit countoften reaches up to 70,000 per day.

6.    While the average height of thewall is 7.88 meters, the highest place is 14 meters high.

7.    Almost 1/3 part of the wall hasdisappeared unfortunately, without any traces.

8.    Since 1644, the year MingDynasty was overpowered, no further work has been done except for somerestoration done for tourism.

9.     Great Wall reconstruction and protection beganwith Badaling in 1957. 

10.  The Great Wall of China has been placed into World Heritage List byUNESCO in year 1987.

11.  Unlike what is said in articles, you cannot see Great Wall of Chinafrom space without an aid.

12.  It is not continuous wall and has side walls, no walls sections,circular sections and others.

13.  The Great Wall was constructed forcibly by the forced recruitedpeasants, convicts, soldiers etc.

14.  Legends say that a lady called Meng Jangnv, whose husband had diedbuilding the wall, cried so badly that a part of wall collapsed revealing hisbones so that she could bury him.

15.  Some sections of the wall have bullet holes providing evidences ofbattles fought at this architecture.

16.  It is believed that the north western sections of the wall arelikely to disappear in coming years to accommodate changing needs anddesertification.

17.  The Jiankou Section of this wall is quite steep and winding and itis highly features in the picture books of Great walls as well as post card.

There is enough to know about this wall asthe bigger the architecture, the larger will be the stories. A tour to theplace gifts a glimpse to the originality and authenticity of the legendstories. You just need to open some avenues for the history to be played infront of your eyes. 

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